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A revolution in the world of outdoor accessories -  Y-Ply is coming out on the beach.

Away with uncomfortable positions, with heavy and cumbersome chairs... the Y-Ply relaxation device is light, compact and smart.

On the sand, the pebbles or even on the lawn, for reading, sunbathing for a nap or on a pick-nick.  Y-Ply offers you new comfort outdoors at every opportunity.

Its multiple uses (back, headrest, pillow...) allow you to sit or lie comfortably in various positions.

Y-Ply is meant for children as well as parents and grand-parents; it has all the necessary qualities to become as essential on the beach as one's towel.

We all long for nature, authenticity and getting away from it all.  Y-Ply fully Meets those needs as it comes in a waterproof fabric bag that can carry and protect a magazine or a wet swimsuit.

What makes Y-Ply different?

  • One click and Y-Ply is ready (no pumping, no assembling)

  • Y-Ply is stylish.  You can be proud to use and show it off.

  • Y-Ply is light and compact, enabling you to take it everywhere with you.

  • Y-Ply is the only product offering that many possibilities.  On the contrary it is an all-purpose, contemporary and particularly useful accessory that will soon prove indispensable outdoors.


  • There are 6 colours in the Y-Ply collection: Black, Light Grey, Bright Red, Magenta, Lime Green, Light Blue.

  • The straps are made of light grey polypropylene.

  • The stretched canvas is made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester for more comfortable skin contact.

  • The carrying bag is made of polyester coated with black PVC.  Its string matches the color of the Y-Ply inside.

  • The white zinc coated rust free steel structure has a grey metal satin finish.

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